What’s The Best Way For Generating AmeriPlan Leads?

AmeriPlan is the United State’s premier discount medical plan company, which offers its members access to discounted vision, dental and chiropractic medical service providers. AmeriPlan members can save as much as 65to 80% on oral health services like crowns, fillings braces, x-rays and teeth cleaning. The company however, is not an insurance or health organization, but instead refers members to accredited dental, vision and chiropractic service providers. AmeriPlan also offers a network marketing business opportunity to its members. However, during these financially-timid and competitive times, what’s the best way for AmeriPlan members to find leads, and funnel them into their business plan?

How Much Does An AmeriPlan Membership Cost?

An AmeriPlan Dental Plus membership costs only $19.95 per month, and this covers the plan holder and his or her household. The other plans, including prescription drug, vision and chiropractic services also come for free. The company has gathered together the largest collection of the nation’s network of medical practitioners, with over 12,000 vision-care experts, 30,000 dentist, 50,000 pharmacies and 7,500 professional chiropractors.

What’s The Best way For finding AmeriPlan Leads?

Generating qualified leads and prospects for AmeriPlan is quite easy today. From placing ads on craigslist, to advertising on social networking sites, video-sharing sites and other social media, hooking up and signing qualified leads is made much easier. Here are some wonderful ideas for connecting with qualified for your AmeriPlan business opportunity plan.

Advertise On Free Internet Sites

Since more and more people are turning to the internet for information and business opportunities, there are actually hundreds of free online advertising sites for promoting your AmeriPlan business. Sites like craigslist and other free advertising venues are great places for posting AmeriPlan ads, since hundred of thousands of business-opportunity seekers drop by there to look for work, business, real estate, education, housing and other services.

Generate Leads From Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are innovative venues for generating leads to your AmeriPlan business opportunity. From Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, you can easily present your business opportunity to more people, and you can regularly share ideas, opinions and thoughts about network marketing with a wider segment of the online community. To generate more leads on these popular online venues, don’t immediately pitch in your product, or sound like a typical car salesman. You must first build relationships with your viewers and readers, offer them good advice, and share valuable freebies like newsletters, e-mail updates, and other promotional freebies. By building trust and confidence, more people will see you in a positive light, and will more likely be inclined to join your AmeriPlan MLM opportunity.

Do you really make money with AmeriPlan? The answer is yes. With more Americans looking for affordable health care plans and services, the market for an AmeriPlan membership is truly a lucrative one. Since the plan works like a supplemental health care program, it will certainly work well for those who are already insured, and will also bode well for the under-insured, and those without any insurance. The company already has around 50,000 independent business owners operating in 50 US states.

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