Why a Self-Funded Proposal is the Smartest Way to Build Your Network Marketing Business

So many MLM distributors and Network Marketer lead with their product and service and wonder why they don’t see results. If you have not heard about “self-funded proposals”, then you will want to explore how they work because if you grasp this concept, your home based business will drastically grow and flourish.

By reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what a self-funded proposal is which I hope will flip on some light bulbs for those of you who either haven’t heard of it or have heard of it but think it’s hokey. I’ll connect some dots and give you a “behind the curtain” look at why it’s a totally brilliant, yet a simple common sense concept, that all top network marketing and MLM business owners are using.

Let me ask you this:

How would you like to have a lead pay YOU to be a lead? That turns the table on your advertising dollars doesn’t it?

When the leads that opt-in to your list become paying customers over and over, it’s simple to see how they would be funding your marketing efforts. A self-funded proposal is a marketing strategy that simply allows your leads pay for themselves by getting your advertising dollars back because your system is a cash flow machine.

You’re accomplishing two critical business building things at once. First, you’re building a highly targeted list and second, you your leads are paying for your marketing expenses,

And so what if they don’t join your network marketing business because they’ve paid you for something else you’ve offered (I explain below). In fact, most of the leads you generate will never join your primary business but if you use the funded-proposal, you will be receiving a nice cash flow each and every month.

This is exactly how you get paid and generate a steady stream of income even if your leads don’t join your primary business opportunity!

The self-funded proposal strategy starts by offering a solution to a critical problem that your prospects face by offering something of value for a very small price. Here are some suggestion:

  • Ebook on the topic of funded proposals
  • Short report (couple pages)
  • A DVD on a few key marketing strategies;
  • An audio or podcast on the same topic
  • Bootcamp
  • Video Series….. all revolving around “how to market and be successful”

When you can help new entrepreneurs get started and help them discover the fundamentals of marketing and answer these questions, you become the hunted.

“How the heck do I achieve success online?”

“How do I generate leads?”

You begin to shine and stand out in the crowd. While everyone else is pushing their lotions and potions, you are solving your prospects’ problems and challenges. You become the hero, the hunted and the trusted entrepreneur. What happens then, is they buy your tools and resources and when you introduce your business opportunity to them down the road, they are much more receptive to what you have to offer and as a result, more will partner with you.

Your list IS your business. No list? No business. So use the self-funded proposal to create your list, take care of your list, sell the picks and shovels (the tools and resources) and you’ll find some gold nuggets (business partners) along the way.

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