World Ventures Virgin Luxury Dream Trip Review – Who Will Benefit?

Every World Ventures Rep is excited about the merge with Virgin for the launch the luxury dream trip product. I believe this will be a great benefit to World Ventures and Virgin, and is a great opportunity for Representatives to promote their business, with that type of credibility behind them. However there are 3 important facts that you must know if you are a World Ventures rep, or are thinking about becoming a World Ventures rep.

World Ventures Virgin fact no1

It does not matter what mergers take place within companies, major corporations have strategies for their marketing, they have systems in place that will make the merger a success. Top leaders in all companies have launch formulas in place for mergers of this nature. The big question is what will the masses be doing? Most of them are using systems that do not work and are not giving them the results they are seeking. I am all for the excitement and hype but at the end of the day for most World Ventures reps that excitement does not translate into desirable results.

World Ventures Virgin fact no2

They will need a strong marketing system that will funnel 10-25 new leads everyday and turn 20% of those leads into customers and reps for their World Ventures business, without this type of momentum in their business they are doomed to failure. If you look at the top leaders in any company they have systems that constantly bring them leads, they never run out of new business. The Virgin luxury dream trip product will increase sales for top leaders by 20%, while the rest stay broke and excited.

World Ventures Virgin fact no3

Anyone that are serious about earning a residual income they can retire will only succeed if they are using systems that are working today, what worked years ago will not necessarily work today, hence why most reps in network marketing are struggling, and harassing family and friends, to look at their opportunity. This is a new day; there is no need for that anymore. It’s all about leveraging cutting edge technology, having systems where you do not hunt, you are hunted. The no1 earners in the network marketing industry have systems that generate qualified leads and sponsors on autopilot. Anyone looking at any home based business and is serious about building a huge organisation must be using these systems and marketing strategies that only 1% of the whole network marketing industry knows about.

Building any network marketing company is meaningless, unless you have the right systems in place

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