4 Internet Marketing Twitter Don’ts

Twitter is the latest big deal on the Web. Everybody’s talking about it. And you can be sure that there are 1,000 wannabe gurus who want to tell you how to use Twitter for Internet marketing.

It’s likely that these “gurus” just ripped their advice off from some list. Those lists are easy to find. They don’t require any special knowledge. What DOES require a little thought–and a little bit of experience–is knowing how you SHOULDN’T use Twitter for Internet marketing. Here are 4 things you should avoid.

1. Don’t Twitter every little event in your life. Why not? For one thing, everybody does it. You’re not going to stand out in the crowd if you do what everyone else does. Except maybe, just maybe, everybody wants to hear about how cute your cat is, and how drunk you got on the weekend, and how you just lost two pounds. Think again–nobody cares.

On a slightly less cynical note, you have to realize that if you tweet every little thing in your life, people are going to stop noticing you after a while. People are selfish. That’s no crime–it’s just the way we’re built. If you constantly tweet about yourself, people will stop paying attention pretty darn quick. Save your personal tweets for a group of people that already know you, and are genuinely interested in what you’re doing all day.

2. Don’t just tweet affiliate links. If you’re in the pet niche, tweet about new ASPCA news, or a new brand of organic cat food (that you’ve got an affiliate link for), or the latest findings in how our favorite furry friends see colors.

These things are interesting to people in the pet niche. Guess what? Plain products aren’t. If you just go around tweeting affiliate links to every pet product you can think of, you’re not going to make any sales.

Give people a reason to follow you by being interesting. Tweet about that new ASPCA news and that scientific finding, and then tweet about the new product. If you constantly Twitter nothing but product links, people will just take you for a spammer. And that’s exactly what you’ll be.

With Twitter, as with other forms of marketing, you’ll only make money if you provide something people want. And yes, people really do want those new products. They just don’t want to be bashed over the head with them.

3. Don’t use a product image for your profile picture. Let’s put aside for a minute the fact that this is in extremely bad taste. This is actually a step worse than micro-blogging only about new products. It’s one thing to post spam. It’s another thing to actually BE spam. Please avoid this at all costs. It’s a cardinal sin of Internet marketing [http://www.immembers.com/] here just like it is everywhere else.

4. Don’t curse. Yes, we’re all adults and we can handle four-letter “potty words” without running and telling our mommies. But each micro-blog post you make is going to be only a few words. It’s neither classy nor mature to make 10% of those ten words a curse word. Some Internet marketers seem to think this makes them look cool. It doesn’t. Don’t do it.

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