Essentials For Your Facebook Fanpage

Facebook has become an essential marketing tool for many business owners. In fact, almost all businesses have taken advantage of the business accounts made available to them. One of the best ways to make use of the social media network is to create Facebook timeline fanpages. However, creating a page does not guarantee success of a marketing campaign. A page should contain essential features to capture the interest of the market as well.

Here are three important things to keep in mind as you design Facebook pages for your business:

1. Use great photos:

Images are very important for your page. This is vital because it speaks so much about your business. Your cover photo should represent your business well. Pick the best shot that will ultimately represent your brand. You can also add captions or statements of your goals or principles. Aside from the cover, you also need to choose an interesting profile picture. You do not have to fret if you do not like your first option.

Good photos are also essential if you are marketing attractions like resorts. Your potential consumers would like to have a peek at the place before deciding whether to pay it a visit or not. Images are also important to showcase samples of your products. Your customers will want to have a look at the quality of your work before they decide to purchase something from you.

2. Generate more traffic to your page:

You can optimize your Facebook fanpage with keywords. Such keywords can be included in your company information and history. If you are uncertain about the keywords to use, check other pages of similar industry. You can also work with a social media management team to handle the keyword generation and fanpage creation for you.

Link your page to other social media platforms as well. You can use timeline fanpage apps to easily link your other accounts with Facebook. Link other sites like Twitter, My Space and other accounts with your page. Connect these accounts to your official page as well.

3. Design an interesting landing page:

Not all Facebook users who will visit your page will click on the Like button. Some will leave the page as soon as they are directed to it. To avoid this, make sure that your landing page is compelling and interesting. Make it irresistible for your visitors.

A Facebook fanpage is a great tool to market your business and attract new customers. To gain fans faster, make sure that you use good photos. Use ways to generate more traffic as well. And most importantly, design a persuasive landing page.

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