How Effective is Twitter For Online Marketing?

You need to ask the question “How Effective Is Twitter for Online Marketing”? Today there are millions and millions of Twitter users and the following is growing exponentially, but if you are an internet marketer like me you need to ascertain whether Twitter is a useful marketing tool.

What do I mean by this?

Over the past two months my business partner has developed a link shortening program which has been incorporated into a link shortening web site. This helps all internet and affiliate marketers shorten their long links, for easier posting to all the social media networks including Twitter.

The statistics for each link clicked provides the user with the following information:-

  • Country of Origin
  • IP Address
  • Browser and Operating System
  • Referring URL
  • Time of Visit
  • Total Visits
  • Unique Visits

On analysis, it has been proven that the majority of visits to any particular link are in fact from automated robots or web crawlers and not from Twitter users.

So, if you have been actively promoting your affiliate products on Twitter and have not generated any sales or leads, this is due to very few real people clicking on your link.

Taking account of the facts so far, there are other methods in using Twitter effectively and they would include direct messaging and re-tweets.

The service is totally free to use and has some great features which include:-

  • Link Statistics
  • Link Grouping
  • Optional Link Description
  • Change Link Destination

In summary it is probably worth looking for alternative methods of marketing your affiliate product or lead capture page more effectively.

A video showing the detail above can be viewed on You Tube by searching for “How Effective Is Twitter For Online Marketing”

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