How to Acquire Clients Through LinkedIn?

LinkedIn continues to be one of the most favored social media sites for marketers and networkers as it proves to be of profound significance in their marketing strategies. LinkedIn does a fantastic job in generating B2B leads.

Did you know?

LinkedIn is present in more than 200 countries.

LinkedIn currently has over more than 350 million users and almost 35% to 40% of these users log on to LinkedIn daily.

No marketer should ignore these mind-boggling stats of LinkedIn because this is where the business will come from. In business parlance, LinkedIn is more powerful than Facebook and Twitter.

So let’s explore some tricks and ways to crack the LinkedIn code in acquiring clients!

Start with having a larger LinkedIn network

Many social media experts will ask you to make your profile easy to search for; however, I believe, it is more important to expand your network and not be limited to only the current first-second-third-forth level of connections. The larger the network you have, the higher number of searches you will be shown in, and higher the exposure of your brand.

Grow your connections!

Find Prospects

Another tactful way to grow your business on LinkedIn is by finding and networking with the right prospects. Join common interest groups because that’s where you will find your potential clients. Make sure you stay active in that group by posting relevant comments and giving valuable feedbacks. Do not make a mistake of promoting your services and products immediately as you join the group. Learn the art of engaging your brand in the communication.

Get an Upgrade

Upgrading your LinkedIn account to a higher version will remarkably elevate your networking standards. You will get access to some cool features and tools such as getting contact information of your stalkers, availability of using niche targeted search parameters, and using inMail that can let you directly send email to absolutely anybody on LinkedIn.

Having the privilege to use all these tools really helps you in generating powerful leads for your business.

Use keywords wisely

What this means is that you must use keywords in your profile information by anticipating what your potential clients are likely to use when searching for people like you. You should be using key phrases by focusing on what your clients will type when searching for products and services, or anything that they are looking for, or wanting to know.

Be absolutely mindful of words and phrases while filling your profile information on LinkedIn.

Try arranging for an in-person meeting

It is not ideal to do all of your business with the potential client on LinkedIn. You must opt for arranging a personal meeting with your client in a local coffee shop or any other comfortable place where you can talk. This is how business relations take place. Your job is to provide solutions to your client’s problems and, therefore, make sure that in your conversations you are absolutely clear on what you are going to offer to them.

What next?

LinkedIn is a wonderful and effective platform for business entrepreneurs who are looking at expanding their presence in the world. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, on LinkedIn you are likely to find the right clients who are interested in you, most of the times, professionally only.

Therefore, leave no stones unturned and hop onto the LinkedIn boat and discover new leads straightaway.

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