Internet Marketing For Artists – Building Fans on Facebook

Building fans to your fan or business page on Facebook is pretty easy, but most people go about it the wrong way. It’s tempting to “invite” all of your friends on your personal profile to be a fan or to “like” your page, but most of them by far get too many invitations that just pile up in their notifications list by the hundreds, never to be seen. You can only “like” 500 pages so they are also limited to how many invites they can accept.

A better way is to get people you don’t know to see your page, ideally from other places besides Facebook. Twitter is probably the strongest of these tools. You can have far more followers on Twitter than on a Facebook personal profile anyway. There you can tweet about contests, events, charities, product giveaways and coupons that visitors can get if they visit your fan page. Always put a “Join My Page” button with a link to the page on your blog posts, YouTube channel and websites. Be sure to get your personalized username early for your page URL so you can print it on business cards and even mention it on TV or radio interviews.

Why is it so important that you get people to “like” your page? The Facebook Business page is very powerful in terms of traffic and the ability to advertise your art business right on the page. You can sell your products, books or artwork on the page just like a website and sign people up to your newsletters. Your fan’s Home pages will keep them informed of all of your major activities, and with over 400 million Facebook users, you could really make a big splash if you know the updated Facebook techniques that will keep you on top!

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