Niche Marketing on Crack Review

Niche Marketing On Crack is the title of an e-book by Andrew Hansen. Its subject (as you can probably guess from the title) is the popular topic of niche marketing. As titles go, this one is nearly as off-putting as the recent stream of “Death of” and “Killer” books but shock and sleaze get attention where being pleasant gets ignored, so allowances have to be made. The content of the sales page was, however, intriguing enough to get me to part with my $47.

The sales page for Niche Marketing On Crack asks in its heading:

“If You Knew How To Easily Create One Single Page Website That Earned You $3600 A Year…

If You Knew You Could Create That Site In Just ONE DAY…

If You Knew That This Site Would Be Putting Cash In Your Pocket In Just A Few Days Time…


Further on the sales page gives a list of tactics this marketing system does not rely upon such as: Clickbank…”long tail” keywords… paid Advertising…Myspace, Craigslist, Squidoo, Yahoo Answers or any other “FAST TRAFFIC” method…software to create a million pages of content or get a million backlinks…sneaky backdoor, black hat techniques to trick the search engines…Videos to promote the sites…leveraging anyone else’s traffic

Andrew Hansen, the author of Niche Marketing On Crack tells us he retired from working at the “ripe old age of 20”, now works from home and is prepared to share his big affiliate marketing success secrets. The name Andrew Hansen was new to me so I did a little investigating before parting with my and, indeed, Mr Hansen does appear to be a serious Internet marketer.

To be honest, although I liked the sales letter, I did suspect that this book would be nothing more than a rehash of Bum Marketing. I was, however, pleasantly surprised: Niche Marketing On Crack is much more than that. It includes detailed instructions for actually building niche websites and the use of some simple but reliable (and perfectly legitimate) SEO techniques.

The cover promises “High Profit Niche Marketing Like You’ve Never Seen It Before”. It does not quite live up to this promise but it has some original features. One outstanding feature of this particular affiiate marketing system is that it offers a safe plan for earning money and avoids the need for start up capital and the cash flow problems to be found with many other marketing systems (eg Day Job Killer).

Niche Marketing On Crack is well written and refreshingly free from hype (even the brief introduction is hype free). After the businesslike introduction and a short section entitled “Why Niche Marketing On Crack Is So Great” the book gets straight to the point, delivers the “big secret” and describes, down to the smallest detail, exactly how to safely make money from affiliate marketing.

The book is well organised. It has three main sections detailing step by step the methods of finding profitable niches, building niche websites and promotion. There is a further section on how to keep your niche marketing business going and growing. The book ends with two short but very useful chapters. The first is a list of clickable links to resources mentioned throughout the instructions. This list is set out in the order of the chapters to which the resources apply and is great for quick reference. The final chapter is a “table” setting out the steps for Niche Marketing on Crack, so the supremely lazy person doesn’t even need to write his own checklist.


The only thing I would like to see added to Niche Marketing On Crack is a link to a WordPress tutorial.

This is a great book for newbies because it is written in a straightforward, non-technical way and really does go through things step by step in great detail without relying on the reader having any prior knowledge or experience. Although Niche Marketing On Crack is basic enough for newbies, it will not disappoint experienced marketers who have not previously taken niche marketing seriously.

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