Power of Article Marketing

Why is article marketing still so important to your online business? It’s because article marketing is really content marketing, and as such, it’s the starting point for a number of other widely used communication platforms.

You can take the content of a good, informative article and use it as the basis for producing a powerful video, which not only helps a handful of viewers, but may actually go viral. If this happens, that same content could reach millions.

Now, obviously, not many videos go viral, but it does happen everyday, and it is feasible that your outstanding content which started as an article could in the end go viral.

Perhaps it’s more likely that the information you put in your article may be picked up in social media, by posting it in one or several of the most popular sites, like Facebook and Pinterest.

Additionally, you can post the content of your article in your blog, or website where it can benefit your subscribers.

But, if your article is really good, it can be the starting point for an eBook, and form the content basis for newsletters.

Article marketing is nothing more than content you are offering your audience. Great content is a powerful way to get noticed, and to increase your authority status in your niche. It’s a great way to increase your visibility online.

And you don’t need your name or your website to be seen everywhere. You just want to be noticed by the people who are in your niche, the people who form your target market.

Before you can sell anything online, people have to be find you! But you only need to be found by people in your niche, people in your target market.

This means you don’t have to appeal to everyone, only people needing a solution to the problem you are addressing in your articles.

Sending interested people to your website is relatively easy. This is because people search keywords which address the problems they want to solve with information they hope to find online.

The keywords may quite likely take them to EzineArticles where you have posted an article rich with valuable content addressing a specific problem. People searching keywords related to the content you posted in your article will find you.

If these people get tips form your article which promise to solve their problem, they will want to get more information from you. Your resource box will promise additional information if they visit your website. Presto! You have acquired a valuable prospect.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. As mentioned above, articles are content, and it’s content promising solutions to peoples’ problems which will bring you the traffic you need. Articles are also the source of content for other forms of communication.

People who come to your website after reading your articles, will most likely end up on your mailing list. You will then have the opportunity to talk to them again via emails, and build the all important “know, like and trust you” to build that relationship which is needed before they will ever buy anything from you.

As you can see, article marketing should be at the base, or staring point in your online marketing. It will allow you to get targeted people to your website and to your email list, which will become the greatest asset of your online business.

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