Top Craigslist Alternatives

A lot of people may be surprised to hear that there are several other classified ad sites than Craigslist. In this article we will look at some of the alternatives that exist for buyers, sellers and marketers. Now Craigslist is the most popular by a long way but there is no reason why you cannot use the other sites for increased exposure on listings for sellers, more products and services to look at for buyers and of course more marketing opportunities. Similar to Craigslist with a very minimalistic design and split into various sub categories based on US locations. You can post a local ad where you specify the location or there is a paid section where you can post to multiple locations. For marketers there is a popular search which tells you what people are currently looking for. If you can actually spell the name correctly then this is a nicely designed site which interestingly is owned by eBay who also own part of Craigslist. Just like Craigslist and Backpage this is the usual setup with areas defined by city to buy and sell on, there is also various sites aimed at foreign countries listed at the bottom. The usual classified categories are here and depending on the city there are a reasonable amount of listings. The UK version of this is Gumtree which is mentioned later This site has a nice fresh layout, there are localised sites for US cities and states and also versions for various countries round the world. A useful popular searches feature to see what is currently hot. This was again relatively easy to list on from a selling point of view with a wide variety of the common listing categories available. This is an interesting one as this is used to power a number of 3rd party sites and claims to have over 600000 listings per day from 80000 websites. When I checked the stats they had over 3 million unique visitors which is a good amount of traffic. Easy to list on and has the usual categories such as items for sale, services and jobs amongst others. This is a popular alternative in the United Kingdom, looking at the stats it is currently slightly more visited than The site is split into various cities and of course you should buy and sell in the most suitable location to where you live. A good site for UK surfers this one.


As you can see there are a few nice sites listed here which between them get about 10 million unique visitors a month. This means they are well worth buying and selling on as an alternative or to supplement your craigslist ad. If you are in the UK then Gumtree is slightly more popular than Craigslist so its worth visiting.

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