Twitter Marketing Tools – Tweet Whistle Versus Tweet Adder

If you want to promote your business online then, one of your focuses should be Twitter. Twitter is counted among one of the largest growing internet marketing areas which has large number of registered users, making it a goldmine if approached prudently. So what is the right technique to approach to? Well to start with, the initial step is to sign up and interact with the prospects but how to make this work easier? This can be done by visiting the leading business’s Twitter page and adding their followers. However this may be time consuming process.

Always remember, the ultimate idea of twitter marketing is not to make money but to have fun while using it..! And thus there are various twitter marketing software, but the most widely and commonly used one is Tweet Adder.

It has been seen that most of the people are unaware about the use and applicability of this software, so you must make the most out of it before it flourishes and booms. This is software that saves time and can save your precious time; the task which used to take few minutes can now take only a few clicks. Twitter marketing helps in finding particular users, who has tweeted some phrases, keywords.

Tweet Adder software is quite expensive which may cost you around $188. I know and can understand it is a high initial investment but when you look at its’ uses and benefits, the cost is worth it. However, not everyone is able to spend amount of money on the twitter marketing software. So, there is an alternative to this, Tweet Whistle.

Tweet Whistle does the similar task as the Tweet Adder but in a slightly different interface. Users can be found based on their location; words tweeted by them and by looking them in Followers list of various users. There are a couple of tricks involved in this software like sending of tweets from an RSS feed, live feeds and direct messages sent and received. All this does not form a part of the Tweet Adder, and thus tweet Whistle is often considered as the best Twitter marketing tool. You can change the Tweet Whistle just in the same manner as Tweet Adder by including the scheduling of tweets which is missing from some other software such as Twitter Marketing Big Boy, Hummingbird 2, which costs you around $97.

You might be eager to know the cost of Tweet Whistle. It is much cheaper than the Tweet Adder. It just costs you $39.99 which is nearly $150 LESS than Tweet Adder. However one might have a doubt in mind that Tweet Whistle would not be as effective and efficient as Tweet Adder because of such a huge difference in their cost but it is not so. It has the same importance as Tweet Adder or Hummingbird 2 and is being used in Twitter marketing campaigns on a regular basis.

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