Why It Makes Sense To Outsource Your Recruitment Marketing

The economy is improving in the UK it is now official; well so Google news says. According to some of the well-known industry websites marketing budgets are on the increase for the first time in four years as brand confidence is hitting a high.

Recruitment is an interesting sector. Many pundits comment that it is the first sector into a recession and the first out. That may or may not be true yet experience seems to say that it is. With marketing spend set to increase how does this work when it comes to marketing investment in the recruitment sector?

Definitions are always a great place to start. The American marketing association has a great jargon filled ramble that fundamentally takes about marketing as a set of institutions and processes that communicate and deliver value.

A simple version, to get your head around is that marketing is about creating demand for your product or service. In the case of recruitment we are talking about a two sided service offering; focused on attracting both clients and great quality candidates. Compared too many industries it provides a unique set of challenges.

The first thing any recruitment agency needs is a marketing plan and then a way of making sure that it is delivered consistently. When it is then results happen. And here in lies a big problem that is all down to that uncomfortable word called resourcing; especially man and woman hours!

Let me ask you a question have you ever had a conversation with a marketing consultant where they shared some great ideas. You went away buzzing and then; reality set in. You realised that you were not quite as skilled as you originally thought and had no idea how you were going to fit it all in. Your marketing consultant also told you that you needed to have a stronger presence online and that; in the new economy it is all about engagement and talking to your market via blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn. Your heart sank because you knew it was true yet how could you possibly get it all done?

Time to outsource. So as a recruitment business owner what sort of things should you outsource that will give you a return? Well here is some information for you on where to place your valuable resource. The following ideas are all validated over at marketing Sherpa a well-known research agency who carried out a survey of the most useful lead generation strategies that produced a return on investment. The logical thing to take from that is therefore to outsource these key areas to maximise your return. So what are they?

1. Website

Yes you can build your own website; don’t bother. This is your shop front to the world and now it serves as a key statement about you and your brand. If created properly it will sing out quality and be a great candidate and client magnet for you. In today’s economy you can get a great looking website full of functionality and your own job board for the cost of a placement in most sectors.

2. Search engine marketing

Carried out well this will bring you a lot of leads and profit into your business so; leave it to an expert. By all means write great content for your blog with interesting articles. Let an expert do the rest.

3. Copywriting

People either love or hate writing. A great copywriter does, and he or she will make you a lot of money. They know the words to use and how to create a great value proposition for you and your recruitment company.

4. Social media

The new kid on the block that seems to be constantly changing. As a recruiter you need to dominate LinkedIn for your niche. The good news is with the help of an expert that is easy to do. The even better news is that your return on investment; especially in recruitment can be high. No need to have sleepless nights about LinkedIn and Twitter or if you should use Facebook. Any professional recruitment marketing company will advise you what needs to happen and then do it all for you.

There you have it four easy wins when it comes to outsourcing your marketing.

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