5 Prominent SEO Techniques For 2013

Last year, Google’s Panda and Penguin update made the most shocking changes in the world of SEO. A number of websites were hugely affected and penalized of the said implementation of system algorithm. And today, there are a lot of strategies shared online to get back on the search engine ranking or perhaps build a better online credibility.

Below are the 5 prominent SEO techniques for 2013:

1. Different Anchor Texts

Penguin update aimed at penalizing websites using keyword stuffing because considered it as spam. As such, web marketers and online businesses have discovered a new way on how get traffic for your website as well as abide with the rules and regulations of Google. They make use of different anchor texts, a substitute for you main keywords. So, instead of bombarding an article with your main keywords you can use phrases like “Click here”, “Visit here”, or “Go to this page”.

2. Never Rely on Google alone

The old internet marketing way of traffic was only Google but this 2013; you can use of other traffic sources such as of the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook has long been a crowded place to take advantage of. With millions of user it has, you can freely promote your website and products by simply uploading pictures and creating post that counts.

3. Don’t link out if it’s not worth it

If your web site has many outgoing back links to bad-quality pages such as those contain illegal content and even porn or gambling sites and if Google catches you, you’ll be immediately kicked out and there’s no chance for you to comeback as you are now considered as spam. Therefore, if you are considering linking to other site, be sure that it is a good and quality web site.

4. Write Good Content

Content is the heart of a reliable and trusted web site. Always make sure you are writing and publishing quality content because it absolutely helps you increase your traffic and if Google find you doing this technique it will immediately support you on boosting your website ranking. It must be a well-written, though-provoking and error free article so that it instantly goes viral.

5. Don’t overuse HTML tags

Back then, the overuse of HTML tags was one of the favorites when it comes to website optimization. But today, it is prohibited and no longer accepted by the major search engines as you will be marked as spam. The bigger number of bold or heather tags you have the larger is the chance you’ll get penalized and removed on the search results. Hence, be certain you are just using only ONE H1 tag in each article and use other heather tags (H2, H3, H4… ) only when they’re really needed and enforced. Don’t overuse

<bold> and <italics></italics></bold> too and never forget to branch your article into paragraphs.

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