Affiliate Marketing Tips: 5 Proven Channels for Increasing Traffic

To be successful with affiliate marketing, it’s essential to be good at building traffic. You can have the best product on the web, but if people don’t know anything about it – your sales will be limited, if not non-existent.

Traffic is what keeps sales alive and without it, your business will meet an early demise!

So how do you go about building traffic? The internet is full of offers to tell you in e-books, courses and systems that are available from so called ‘internet gurus’ who want to share their ‘secrets’ in exchange for a handful of your dollars. But you don’t need to spend time reading all about their theories. I’m going to share with you how you can drive targeted traffic to your website in this article. You won’t have to buy all that so called ‘insider information’ as it’s right here for you now.

Article marketing. Submitting articles to directories is one of the most widespread methods of gaining traffic. There are many sites that offer a page to submit your articles. You’ll need to create something of good quality to pass the reviewers on sites like, but the effort will be worth it as you could well get the most traffic from this higher quality sites. When you post your articles be sure to make the most of the bio or resource box at the end. You can add a link going back to your website with the use of an anchor text link. This will help your overall search engine results too.

Submit to directories. Google will count any directory submissions towards your site’s search rankings too. In addition, you could well gain some traffic from people browsing through these directories. For the best results, stick to the paid directories that offer a higher quality service than the large amount of free ones.

Write a press release. Press release sites come in two flavours – free and the paid ones. When you post your press release it will be distributed to news channels all over the web. By using the right press release sites, you could start a domino effect of being published over and over. This will build links back to your site, get your message out there and bring you back some traffic. Be sure to learn about how to create the most effective press releases before posting your first one.

Social media sites. Establishing a presence on Facebook and on Twitter can not only bring you back traffic, but it will give you some credibility. Use social bookmarking sites, posts comments on blogs and get involved in blogging tribes. You’ll gain a large amount of visitors if you approach this in an organised and goal based fashion.

Reciprocal links. Be picky but you can arrange with webmasters to swap links. This will provide you with another roadway to your site for traffic to travel down. Pick a site that has a higher PageRank than yours for the best results.

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