Agel Enterprises – Is It A Scam? Why I Left Agel

Agel Enterprises on the cover looks like a great opportunity for the average person to create success. They have hip and trendy looking products, flashy field leadership and a good story. What about Agel caused me to leave? What did I see that caused me to get out?

Here is my brief review of Agel. First, lets talk about the compensation structure. You must be a top recruiter to truly make money in this business. It is weighted heavily on front loading product, high autoship volumes and consistent recruiting to replace those that drop out. You residual income on the autoship which becomes the sustaining part of the business if your stop recruiting is $6.50 for every TWO cases of product sold. You will receive 10% for of the volume of the lesser leg. If one leg sells 10 boxes and the other 2 you will receive a 10% commission on the 2 boxes. There are bonuses for recruiting otherwise known as fast start bonuses. The fast start commissions range from $35 to $200 depending upon how much product the person you enroll buys. Again, if you are a heavy recruiter you can make money quickly otherwise not.

The products are unique they are different and have some appeal. However, my family of three would have to buy at least 8-10 boxes a month to get the right supplements for our health. This equates to about $650 PER MONTH on nutritional products. The average person will look at these products and come to the conclusion that they are too expensive. While they are “sexy” and hip the price does not line up. The reality is they have inflated the price to accommodate a commission at the expense of the customer.

I joined Agel to take the products and see if the business has anything too offer. My downline quickly grew with large volumes. While this was exciting what happened next was not too encouraging. Those volumes dropped 50% or more within a few months as people continued to drop out faster than they were coming in.

Agel Enterprises is a standard network marketing company with average products and an average compensation plan. While I believe Agel is not a scam, someone will need 1000’s of people to create any kind of mentionable income.

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