Are WSOs or Warrior Special Offers About To Put All Internet Marketers Out of Business?

One very popular way for internet marketers to make a handful of sales, get a lot of traffic, and in general test a new product in the marketplace is by making a special offer on the Warrior Forum. With this system it used to work out where you would post a private offer just for members of that forum. In other words, you might have a product for sale for $20 outside the forum and $10 in the forum.

That has changed recently because now affiliates can promote these special offers inside of the Warrior Forum. But luckily, these will not put you out of business if you do them right because this Warrior Forum is used to the $10 mentality, many of the products are low-quality and you can still market in and out of the Warrior Forum if you use this as a traffic source, as a source of lead generation.

One difficulty I have with many internet marketing forums in general is that the buyers are used to $10 products. That means if you post a $10 offer on the Warrior Forum it will convert great, you will get a lot of sales. But if you price at $30 or $100 on that forum you will not do as well. That’s okay but just keep in mind that if you want to post a mass market product, especially in a forum or message board where people are not your subscribers, people have not heard of you yet you should post at around a $10 price point.

Another piece of good news is that because anything goes on internet, on many forums – many of the products that are posted are of a very low-quality that means that if you post a product that shows great results, a step by step system, a bold promise, some of your own case studies, or all the above you will convert very well.

The key is just have something that seems brand new. If you have ten hours of great training for $10 and it something you have used, others have used and gotten great results from whether that is extra money, saves time or just any problem they were having difficulty with before you will convert very well. And what you can do is then plug-in to the WSO plus system and get others to promote these offers for you as affiliates.

Even though it may seem like I said some bad things about the forum such as they will rarely buy above $10 and there are a lot of low-quality offers, you need to look at this as a source of lead generation. Build a list off buyers, make an offer for $10 even if it seems like a ridiculous offer, even if it seems like it is priced too low, post it get affiliates to promote for then get them on your email subscriber list and promote bigger, better, and higher priced offers to them.

In order to adapt to Warrior Special Offers go to the Warrior Forum and post a $10 offer right away. Make sure you differentiate yourself from a lot of the low-quality offers out there and get your buyers on an email list so you can up-sell, speak to, and market to them later.

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