Article Marketing Domination Review – Does Article Marketing Still Work?

For those who are doing Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing business would totally agree that “targeted traffic” is one of the most crucial elements for success. Because targeted traffic are your potential buyers; these are people who are ready to take out their credit cards and buy. So more targeted traffic means more sales; and more sales = more money. On the other hand, no traffic = no sales = no money.

There are basically two methods to generating traffic to your site. The PAID and FREE methods. Example of a paid method is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as the well-known Google AdWord system where you pay when people click on your ad. Example of a free method is Article Marketing (AM) in which you write and submit articles to article directories to drive traffic to your site.

Article Marketing is one of the oldest traffic generation methods but it is also the most powerful in terms of generating targeted traffic. Some Internet Marketing pundits say that AM is dead but I strongly disagree… those who say that perhaps never use AM themselves. As a matter of fact, this method is still the most powerful way for generating free traffic. It has proven to work time and again.

However, many techniques of using articles to build online business have changed over time. As Internet Marketing business is getting more and more competitive these days, old techniques are no longer effective. The old AM strategy still works very well but in order to dominate your niche and beat your competitors, you need to learn and use the new techniques as well. That’s where Article Marketing Domination comes to the rescue.

Article Marketing Domination is a little eBook that has only 30 pages. It’s written by Josh Spaulding. Josh is not like those typical IM gurus who always use hype to sell… He wrote his eBook based on extensive testing; he knows what works and what doesn’t. In fact, Josh started testing the new techniques several years ago while he was still an Army stationed in Germany. He was asking some advice on article marketing to Tim Gorman (the 6-figure a month article marketer who was also a US Army officer).

Josh had taken what he discussed with Tim and went into his own secret lab and tested a variety of ways to use articles to build successful online business. That’s how the first edition of Article Marketing Domination was born in early 2007. To his own surprise, the first version was so successful and promoted by many well-known Internet Marketers. It brought in over $30,000 in sales.

The eBook was a hit because it showed proofs and provided real blueprint for others to follow and use articles in a more powerful way. Today, Article Marketing Domination is in its fourth edition and Josh had completely rewritten and incorporated more powerful techniques.

Here is a sneak peek of what you will get in this new edition of Article Marketing Dominition ebook…

– The misunderstood purpose of AM method.

– The two forms of AM.

– How to compose an article that will get top ranking on Google.

– Keyword research to get top ranking for your articles.

– How to effectively submit your articles.

At the end of the ebook, you will also get a list of tools that can help you make your article marketing campaign more effective and powerful. You will also get a list of article directories that are worth submitting to. On top of that, you will also receive two bonuses: Write Like A Maniac (value $29) and The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint ($37).

In conclusion… I personally learn a lot of new techniques in Article Marketing Domination. This eBook is unique in the sense that all the methods discussed had been tried and tested. Some old methods of AM still works but if you want to use articles to build online business that can earn you a full-time income, you need to incorporate the new methods outlined in Article Marketing Domination as well.

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