Article Marketing – Is It Dead?

Is Article Marketing Profitable?

For personal and medical reasons I have been inactive in the article writing arena for over four years. Is article marketing still profitable? I asked this question at a popular internet marketing forum. The response I received was mixed. Some said that making money on the internet with articles was still profitable. Others claimed that article marketing died out years ago. That it was dead.

There were some succinct responses. The question I asked was meant to guide me in a decision as to whether or not to re-open my article writing business. After so long a hiatus from the business, I felt it wise to seek the opinions of people in internet marketing.


The two camps, those saying yes and those saying no, both argued that the old method of blasting and drowning the internet with unintelligible essays of useless information in order to generate search engine acknowledgement and consequent traffic was dead. In my naiveté I never assumed that my question would raise the issue of would be authors bludgeoning article directories and spamming the internet with their gibberish.

I felt somewhat insulted. The spamming of article directories and the internet with that content was, well, robotic. Much of the rewritten content was awkward. In many cases, it was outright unintelligible and utter nonsense. It made no sense.

You could not excuse the content by pretending that it was written by a non-English speaking author. Obviously, no human eye ever scanned the article before publication. Even non-English speaking people communicate with some semblance of order.

Those would be authors replaced words with synonyms or used a thesaurus to replace words in the text. They picked the words that they wanted replaced and a robot replaced them with synonyms from a thesaurus and often got output that read like this:

‘The moderate hamlet cuddled by the water imminently would soon be dilapidated by the oncoming wave.’

When the original text read:

‘The peaceful village nestled by the sea would soon be ravaged by the oncoming tsunami.’

Oh well!

The Naysayers

I had hoped to generate a discussion on whether or not good quality content along with marketing and advertising could still offer someone a way of making money on the internet, of making an appreciable income in article marketing. Needless to say, as in life, there were many opinions.

The naysayers claimed that the only way to generate an appreciable income with internet article writing and marketing is through paid advertising. They argued that the days of ‘free’ traffic using article writing were over; that search engines discounted article directories years ago and were therefore useless. Others claimed that list building, micro sites and mini sites, video traffic, and PPC (pay per click) advertising were the only games in town.

Free Traffic

In the argument against ‘free traffic’, I have to ask: how then are lists built? What is the content on the micro and mini sites apart from blatant calls to action? How do you drive traffic to those list building queries or mini sites?

I would answer that some form of internet article writing or copy writing is necessary to get customers to the list builder or to the site in order to capture the potential customer.

I can see where video posts and PPC require less of a writing effort. That is unless you use a script for your videos. I do not deny that these are all valid forms in internet marketing.

Why denigrate internet article writing/article marketing? If article marketing is dead, I would suspect that most, if not all, article directories would have closed shop including this one. My last Google search for article directories listed hundreds of article directories. Granted that page ranking for some of these sites may be less than desirable, still those directories exist.

Even after Google’s infamous Panda Update, which was the buzz when I had to end my work, article directories still had an impact on marketing. I do not intend to belittle any other forms of marketing. They all have their advantages and disadvantages.


I do know that the key to success in article writing for internet marketing is creating great content, submitting articles frequently, and publishing them in notable article directories, ezines, and offline magazines.

It takes work and persistence to be successful in any field. Article marketing is no different.

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