Ashmax Review – Will Ashmax Make You Rich?

There are many claims that Ashmax is a scam primarily because many Ashmax distributors are promising prospects huge income promises. Many companies and distributors have fallen into hot water over the issue of making financial promises which in many cases are unrealistic. Ashmax has become famous as one of the most popular free advertising programs in network marketing. I’ll be upfront with you and let you know that Ashmax is not a scam. Please keep in mind that I’m not involved with Ashmax in anyway nor affiliated with any of its products.

How Does One Get Involved In Ashmax

Regardless of the many Ashmax scam complaints; there are many benefits to this free advertising program. The system was developed as a no cost marketing program developed by Ash Mufareh. It was originally designed to help GDI and FTS distributors build their business more profitably. In other words, Ashmax was designed to support Global Domains International and Freeway To Success using a single system. This helps distributors in these companies to integrate these two separate businesses.

There are many advantages of getting involved with Ashmax. Quite surprisingly, getting involved with Ashmax is free. However, to get involved with GDI and FTS there is a required fee of $10 and $15 which makes the total enrollment fee $25 to get involved. The low to ticket to entry is one of the best features of Ashmax. The low $25 sign up fee is very attractive to those who lack the budget to get involved with high priced opportunities.

Ashmax Success Tips

The network marketing industry is built upon recruiting new distributors and retailing products. As mentioned before, there are many advantages of getting involved with Ashmax. The goal of every new Ashmax distributor should be to enroll 5 new distributors into your team in the initial 20 days of joining the business.

If you fail to recruit at least 5 new people within your first 20 days you run the risk of being expelled from the Ashmax system. However, this target is not a hard and fast rule; as distributors are given more time to reach this goal, if they fail to recruit 5 distributors in the first 20 days.

One fact, which very few people realize is that, in network marketing, the average earnings made per distributor is between $3-5 in the form of residual income. In other words, for every distributor you enroll you can expect to earn an average of $5 from that distributor in the form of residual checks. Ashmax’s recruiting incentive program helps new associates to take aggressive action at the start of their business. As a result, the more serious associates quickly rise to the top and the less motivated business associates are identified and weeded out.

How Can You Succeed In Ashmax

Ashmax is definitely not a scam. However in order to experience success in this opportunity, it’s extremely important that you successfully develop marketing techniques which brand you as a leader. Your ultimate goal as an Ashmax associate should be to attract highly targeted prospects to you on a consistent basis.

Sadly, many people fail and struggle in their Ashmax business simply because they don’t know how to recruit and market their business properly. Thankfully, below you’ll find access to free training to help you market your Ashmax opportunity while generating free leads and profiting in your business.

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