Creating YES Momentum

You may have heard of this old sales technique from the 1970s. It’s called building “yes momentum.”

And it works very well online.

It works well to raise conversions on sales letters, one time offer pages and squeeze pages.

So… what is “yes momentum?”


If you can get your prospect (visitor to your site or reader of your ad/article) to say “yes” in their head enough times then when the time comes for them to decide to buy or not buy the momentum of the “yeses” will carry them through and more of them will buy.

It’s important to realize that you probably have all the traffic you need now, you just need to convert that traffic into sales. You must turn visitors into customers.

This technique will help do that.

Let me share, from my experience, how to use it.

Squeeze Pages

If you know squeeze pages then you know they need to be short and to the point; trying using questions only on your page.

The secret here is to ask questions you know the prospect will answer with a “yes.”

When you do that, you build “yes momentum” and more people will opt in than ever before.

Sales Letters

You need to choose where you put the “yes momentum” section, and the best place I’ve found is the recap section.

This usually comes after the price justification section, where you show them why your product is worth the money you are asking.

The key is to shift the conversation from telling to asking by saying something like “How can you know if this is right for you?”

Follow with your “yes momentum” questions, ones that most people will quickly answer with a yes.

One Time Offer Pages

While I don’t like OTO pages, I do see their value when it comes to upselling.

Use “yes momentum” here by tying the questions into the product they just bought, not the one time offer.

Say you sold a book for $20 and have a OTO of $197 for the video series from the book material. That’s a common, and effective, use of a OTO.

Try saying something like…

  • Want to save time?
  • Want to put what you learn into practice immediately?
  • Would it help to see what I’m teaching in practice rather than just reading?
  • Want to look over my shoulder as I do what I teach?

These questions aren’t perfect because I’m talking about a generic product but you get the point.

I would use the “yes momentum” questions as a lead in to the one time offer and not in the conclusion.

Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are the most valuable real estate online.


Because when your new customer lands on that thank you page they are at the most optimistic point possible.

They just purchased a product they believe in enough to pay for and are ready to get started.

Capture the enthusiasm they’re feeling and ask them three simple questions and get them to take the next action as well?

The most valuable action to ask your new customer to take is to refer you to others.

You need three things to do this: a set of “yes momentum questions,” a “tell a friend” form (like the Instant Form Pro), and to decide between asking for a pure recommendation or creating an incentive for them to share.

(I prefer straight-out asking for the referral over incentivizing, as it leads to junk email addresses entered for the sake of getting the prize.)

Selling Emails

With today’s spam filters and short attention spans, shorter emails work better than 1000 word articles. This is why “yes momentum” questions work so well in selling emails.

Here’s an example… Let’s say you are selling a business opportunity that empowers people to work from home selling products as an affiliate.

Three (generic) “yes momentum” questions might be:

  • Want to work from home but not sure how to start?
  • Do you need to create a powerful income fast?
  • Tired of the hype and high pressure and just want to facts about making money online?

Solo Ads

Solo ads are emails sent to the entire list of an ezine publisher (or other list owner) for a fee. Your email, only, goes to the list, hence the name “solo”.

Since solo ads are actually selling emails the advice above applies so try that in your next solo ad and track results.

Classified Ads

To use “yes momentum” with classified ads make the entire ad a series of short “yes momentum” questions. Here’s an example using the copy above…

Do you need to create a powerful income fast? Tired of the hype and high pressure and just want to facts about making money online? I was too and found a real solution! >


I’m sure you know Twitter, but are you making any real money on Twitter? The only way to make sales using Twitter is to get the click.

And “yes momentum” is the best way to get the click!

Because of limited space, I recommend using only one question per tweet.

Action Steps

How can you put this into action in your own business? Here are three ideas:

First – Write out your list of “yes momentum” questions.

Second – Choose where you will use “yes momentum”

Third – Test the idea to see how it works for you.

The idea of “yes momentum” works incredibly well when used strategically. I hope this article helps you see how to do that and that using “yes momentum” helps you sell more than ever before.

Because more sales – especially when what you sell helps real people – is a beautiful thing indeed!

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