Darren Salkeld Truth? An Eye Opening Review of the Infinite Income Plan

Darren Salkeld and the Infinite Income Plan is another work at home online based business opportunity that claims to make you commissions on a high ticket product with a marketing system that requires you to primarily drive traffic to your “system”.

Does this Infinite Income Plan marketing system produce results and what should a new comer know before they get involved?

The quick answer to whether Infinite Income Plan works is a definite YES!

The seasoned marketer, or even someone that has some traffic generating skills will see eye opening results.

What can we offer the newbie so they don’t feel they bought into a scam?

Most programs get a “scam” label because the new online marketer has no idea how to market it!

Let’s briefly review the Infinite Income Plan (IIP) marketing system.

Like most programs, you get a website that you advertise to attract prospects. This also includes a blog so you can build traffic. Blogs are great. Awesome selection By Darren Salkeld. Offering latest ways to generate traffic immediately, and at no real cost.

The website is your landing page where people will “opt in” for more free information and they receive a free report on the system.

Some will elect to purchase the digital product that sells for $49 where Darren Salkeld further explains the Infinite Income Plan. You earn about $33 on each sale.

The followup email marketing system is exceptional, and Darren offers a very down to earth presentation of how he became successful using his system coming from a factory worker background.

Those that choose to join the Infinite Income Plan will be required to pay a monthly fee along with a monthly hosting fee for your website. Good news is as you grow your business, you gain a $50 commission from each member below you so your monthly fees soon are reduced to zero, with only a handful of members.

This is a great incentive to assist your new people, and not leave them with no guidance as like many other (scam) type programs.

Between the digital product and the $50 commission, your basic costs as well as a good portion of your advertising costs can quickly be covered so your high ticket product item is pure profit.

The product with Darren Salkeld’s Infinite Income Plan is as mentioned a high ticket item, earning you a $1000 commission per sale. Our tests have seen a sale in about 100 or so opt ins.

This product is not gifting, not garbage e-books or bundles of software that no one would ever use. It is a very useful product that has value, and offers savings to the end user.

So far, does any of this sound like a scam? Or does it finally sound like a real business with real products with real marketing?

The key to a newbie’s success is Darren Salkeld includes a blog with your system and training at his site includes real traffic generating methods that work if YOU put the time into it, and more.

The Infinite Income Plan by Darren Salkeld is pure genius and truly leaves you to focus on building traffic to your business. It is automated systems like this that are the only way to go online.

Infinite Income Plan and Darren Salkeld should be around for many years. A great home business to be proud of and far from a scam if you follow the program.

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