Edgy Banner Ads Raking In Traffic

The word “competition” is always associated in internet marketing. In this fast changing industry, every smart internet marketer is accustomed with a very tight competition. A strong competition is the reason why many have not stopped looking for internet marketing strategies that can help them or their websites. They actively look for the friendliest, most efficient, practical, edgiest and fastest solution to complement their strategies. Smart internet marketers have found one unique kind of internet marketing strategy that uses images and other forms of graphics so it appears to be more creative.

Welcome to the world of BANNER ADVERTISING. One of the most reliable online solution in helping one rake in valuable traffic. But how do you make an edgy banner ad? Something that will stand out and has 80% chances to be clicked – let me start my bullet here.

There are various computer tools that can be used in designing banner advertisements. There are also online tools freely available that creates banner graphic designs in a flash. These techniques offer various programs and ways in creating banner advertisements. Doing your own research or watching online videos on how to use these online tools is very essential in helping you utilize these materials efficiently. It is highly recommended that you have a vision first of how you want your Banner Advertisement to look like then maybe hire a graphics or web guy to assist you along the way.

There’s no really difference with the PAID PROGRAMS compared to the FREE PROGRAMS in creating graphics or enhancing photos. All you need basically is a creative mind and just devote time to play with the tools that you have. These programs allow you to choose your desired shape, color, and other effects in your banner. In this way, you can bring out the creative side of the user because the user can decide the appearance of their banners.

There are also some techniques that allow the users to combine images and videos. Other tools also allow users to use only images, logo, short messages, shapes, and other symbols. Again, these choices will allow the user to be more creative. Here’s a standard format of an Edgy Banner Ad:

1. Not too much text in the banner. One or two liners will do.

2. Being Minimalistic is the key.

3. If you’re putting in some animation, don’t make it more than 10 seconds

4. Put in something that your target market is looking for

5. The background of your banner ad shouldn’t overpower your text

As you can see, banner advertisement is the most unique, edgy and appealing strategy compared to other kinds of online advertisement. It enjoys lesser competition and a variety of advantages to promote one’s site. By following the standard format in creating edgy banner advertisements, you’ll definitely go a long way with your Traffic Building and Internet Marketing. See you at the Top!

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