Eniva Vibe Review – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Opportunity?

The Company

Eniva was founded in May of 1988 by a group of entrepreneurs from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eniva had a vision of creating a company that was different. Eniva operates within two facilities, one of which contains a class 10,000 model research and development facility and an in-house manufacturing department.

The Products

Eniva has a host of product’s but there flagship product is Vibe. Eniva Manufatures all kind’s of nutrtional supplement’s. The Vibe product is very popular Eniva has several different Vibe products, original Vibe, Vibe 2.0, apple flavored Vibe, and kid’s Vibe, plus a numerous amount of other products that are to numerous to mention.

The Owners

I’m not really sure who the owners of Eniva are but I would have to assume that it is Chairman and CEO Andrew Baechler, and Vice Chairman and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Benjamin Baechler. There is also a allot of information that the top earner of the company Randy Allen is part owner. If you go to The World Wide Scam website they claim that this company is a scam along with Randy Allen and Dr. Norm Burba. I have never meet any of these people so I reall don’t know if Eniva is a scam.

The Compensation Plan

Eniva has a unilevel compensation plan. Just sign up for a bottle and a box it cost you about a hundred dollars a month to be on autoship. I personally do not like unilevel compenstion plans but that is just my preferance. I think that you just have too build them to wide.


In conclusion, Is Eniva and the Vibe product a scam? You will have to make your own decision. I did join Eniva and I signed up over 90 people. Is Eniva a scam? I would suggest you do your own research and decide for yourself. Start by going to World Wide Scam on the internet. Personally I think it is just another juice product.

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