Forum Marketing – A Targeted Traffic Goldmine

There are tons of ways to promote your product on the web and get targeted traffic back to it and make some sales, but there are evergreen marketing methods such as forum marketing that will never die. In this article, we’ll explore three separate aspects of forum marketing, all free to implement, that can deliver the targeted traffic goods to your door step.

The first tip for proper forum marketing is to place your comments in high traffic threads that get a lot of attention; your comments will be noticed by many more people this way. Many successful forum marketers have been using this, with great success, for years. Posting in highly trafficked threads is common sense, the more people who view a thread is going to translate into the more people who are going to visit your page. Once you start posting to high traffic threads you will start to notice the difference in traffic that you get to your sites. You should also view other threads that are getting a lot of views and then make a post similar to it, but be sure to make it unique. For example, if one post is discussing the fastest way for a newbie to make money online then you can start a thread asking is X method really the best method for a newbie to get paid online. It’s simple, high posts and view counts can lead to better results.

Forum marketing tip number 2: never be abusive or rude but it is okay to defend yourself. The ability to keep your composure is a sign of power, and everybody loves to follow a powerful person. You have to be courteous with the other members and show them respect, because in return you would want to be respected yourself, along with good sales and returns on your efforts. If you are able to keep your head together then you can get fully involved in heated discussions and funnel prospects into your sale machine. This is because many times flame wars are started this way and you certainly don’t want your reputation to be affected by them.

Last but not the least; give the other forum members as many different ways as possible to get in touch with you. Many forums give you the opportunity to list out your messenger info, your Facebook/Twitter info, etc. You will see more traffic and correspondence from interested prospects when you stay available. Accessibility is one of the most important elements of running a business that’s why exposure is so important.

Forum marketing produces some of the most targeted traffic that you will ever get. Forum are only going to become more powerful as more people start using the internet. You have now been introduced to one of the most efficient, cheapest, and highest converting traffic sources; if you don’t use it for your business then something is wrong.

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