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Yeah I like free traffic. And it was time to blow off some steam today so I’ve been goofing around going from leader blog to leader blog and commenting like crazy.

You know… I’m inspired too. Reading all of the highly ranked blogs I could find on my topic is always a really excellent way to get back into the swing of things when I get into a rut. And yes, I get into ruts too. I just hate to stay in them!

So I went to my favorite leaders blogs and left my mark. My comment and my backlink.

That’s where this article comes in – I think new people seeking free traffic this way (and remember that this is not ALL there is to it) need to a little checklist for leaving a comment/backlink. It’s certainly not tough. But the lingo throws people off so I’m going to send some clarification your way.

Leaving a Blog Comment / Backlink For Free Traffic:

First, head over to the blog where you want to read and comment.

Next, click on the headline of the post so you are looking at the post itself – not the homepage of the blog.

Now read the article. Yep. That’s an important step! Don’t just comment – leave something for someone else to read too! Human readers are free traffic if your comment is decent. So read first.

Now look around for a place that says “leave a comment” or “view comments”. Click on the link if that’s how you have to get to the comment area.

Put in your name in the name slot.

Enter your email in the email slot.

Enter your backlink in the website slot!

Yes. That’s it. Submit your comment and your backlink is sent along with it.

Here’s what NOT to do:

Do not leave a comment that looks like an advertisement for you. I.E., Do not enter your phone number or website address inside the body of your comment. Just stick with filling in the slots and let the machine (the blog your commenting on) do the work for you.

Do not leave a comment that completely ignores the topic of the article you’re commenting on. Make sure you have something intelligent to say about the topic at hand. Again, read the article first. If you’re inspired by it say so. If you have a question, ask it.

Do not enter a comment that looks something like this:

“Thanks for that (so and so). I’m building a business that offers a great health product and I teach internet marketing. You should come and check it out!”

Major no no. You’re not making a strong contact if you do that. Plus, you’re sort of destroying your reputation with stunts like that. So stay away from it and just stick to intelligent conversation. This is social media and it’s all about being social – not sales pitchy.

I hope that clears it up for the new blog commenting marketers out there! Remember to choose to highest ranked blogs to read and comment on – it’ll give you more free traffic for your effort.

Always remember to be seeking for a phone call at some point. Make a real connection. You never know what amazing things can blossom from free traffic from a real blog comment. Build up your mastermind!

I’ll see you at the top!

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