This video will show you how to create a free Facebook page.

Facebook pages can be an excellent source of traffic to your main website or you could make your offers directly on Facebook.

You’ll navigate thru the important items to optimize your new Facebook page to include your profile picture, cover image and content of your posts.

By properly optimizing your Facebook page, you’ll be able to maximize your traffic generating potential.

Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business
1. Increases Exposure – as you’ve probably noticed, just about everyone is using Facebook these days; including your existing and potential customers. Having a Facebook business page will give them 24/7 access to your company.

2. Reduces Marketing Costs – a Facebook fan page is free and Facebook ads cost just pennies on the dollar compared to traditional marketing methods. The local audience you can reach via this massive network is far more than any print circulation can deliver at just a fraction of the cost.

3. Generates Leads – with the tools and sharing features in Facebook, you can reach more leads than you ever could by only having a website.

4. Effective Targeted Marketing – when you have local consumers as Facebook fans, all of your marketing messages are extremely targeted to your audience. In addition, Facebook ads let you really put your market demographic information to use in crafting a narrowly targeted ad campaign.

5. Increases Website Traffic – your Facebook business page will send more traffic to your company website; and vice versa. The two should be integrated and used in conjunction with each other for the best results.

6. Better Search Engine Rankings – Social media has become a major influence on how well websites rank in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Of course, the better your ranking, the more sales you can get as a result.

7. Increases Foot Traffic – by simply offering your Facebook fans an occasional promotional offer, you can effortlessly increase foot traffic coming into your doors.

8. Increases Customer Loyalty – instead of just letting customers come in, make a purchase, and walk out the door, a business page allows you to build a relationship with them. As your business takes on a real personality through Facebook interactions, people will naturally become more loyal to you.

9. Competitive Advantage – by using Facebook, you can gain an edge over local competitors who are not using it yet. If people are talking about you online, you are getting more attention than those competitors who are not.

10. Multiple Marketing Tools – not only does Facebook have business “Pages” that can be used by businesses. But they also have “Groups” and “Ads.” Facebook Groups can be used as a place to discuss any topic you want in detail with your audience. Facebook Ads is a paid marketing platform that can help you reach your customers based on specific demographics. These are just a couple of features that can take your marketing efforts to other levels.

Facebook has over time been able to establish itself as a power to be recon with when it comes to getting information to the masses. The host of different elements that can effectively be posted and viewed on Facebook has taken many endeavors to higher achieving heights. Almost anything can be effectively promoted.

Using and benefiting from Events

There is really no need to promote only events that have exact tangible locations and time lines. The Facebook listed events can also be virtual events as it is able to draw the intended target audience just as effectively.

Perhaps the important guideline to follow would be to make the posting as attention grabbing as possible to ensure the desired outcome. Below are some of the reasons why one should consider using these hosting style events to optimize exposure:

The reach is limitless when using the events posted on Facebook to get the event noticed. Being able to extend the invitation at the click of an icon and also to be able to add on as and when desired is not possible with other conventional tools. Also being able to add more admits to the event and invite anyone and everyone is definitely beneficial.

Another contribution this tool can commit to is the easy way it can get an overview of the participants and the capacity anticipated.

It’s also easier to spread the message and communicate to all connected through a single platform effortlessly. Using other complimenting tools like the wall, discussion boards, links, add videos and photos also help to further enhance the communicating possibilities.

One should also note that it may not always be possible to use the Facebook as an ideal way to get events noticed. One of the contributing reasons maybe that there are some people who either don’t bother with their Facebook tool or they simply don’t have one.

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