Once one of your pins is re-pinned, followers of the repinning user will also see your pin, so repinning can give you a big traffic boost.

80% of pins on Pinterest consist of pins that are re-pinned, so learning how to get re-pins is imperative to your success.

In order to maximize your traffic generation from Pinterest, you’ll need to encourage other users to like and re-pin your pins.

Add Lots of Photos

First, you should be sure that every single post has at least one great photo. Choose high quality images that will grab a reader’s attention and illustrate the point of that particular blog post or web page.

If you don’t have a talent in the photography department, don’t worry! You can find tons of great stock photos online at sites like www.sxc.hu or www.istockphoto.com. Other good resources are Flikr or even Google images.

Just make sure you check the copyright information on any photo you use and give credit where credit is due.

If you end up needing high quality photos and just can’t find one for free online, don’t hesitate to purchase the images. It is truly a worthwhile investment in your online business to have great photos that people will pin.

This will generate more traffic and ultimately increase your revenue from your website. So basically, it’s worth every dime!

Another huge benefit of adding photos is getting indexed in Google images. When you add a photo, be sure to include the appropriate alt tags to the image describing what it is with good keywords.

Then Google will include your image in the image searches for those keywords. You could get another five, ten, or even fifty visitors each day from image searches.

How to Pin for Free Traffic Part 2