They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in general, people love to look at pictures. And videos too.

InstaGram is geared primarily towards sharing images and videos, so if you post interesting, attention grabbing images and videos, you can attract lots of traffic from InstaGram.

Since InstaGram is for sharing pictures, it’s aimed at mobile users that can snap pictures with their smartphones and upload them directly to InstaGram.

However, there are alternatives if you want to use your desktop computer to interface with InstaGram. Just search Google for ‘InstaGram on PC’ and you’ll find several choices of free applications that will hook you up to InstaGram directly from your desktop computer.

As recent studies indicate, there are over 1 Billion users on InstaGram, and quite a few of them may be interested in doing business with you.

You probably have wondered how short videos and images can be used to promote business awareness through Instagram in a bid to enhance customer experience. It is simple. Instagram can be used to promote your business online through a number of ingenious ways that have been developed over time.

You should note that Instagram has been used on a number of occasions for fun. People are gradually absorbing the idea of using Instagram for business and hence you should learn how to use Instagram for business other than fun. Since businesses are increasingly using this platform for the purpose of promoting their business, Instagram initiated the Instagram for Business Blog. The blog was initiated for the purpose of offering helpful tips and ideas on how to use the platform for business.

If you are new on Instagram and intend to use it for business promotion, it is important to visit the Instagram for Business Blog. The platform is operated and managed by Instagram HQ and offers numerous tips on how to make use of it for business purposes. With this platform, a new Instagram user is able to learn basic tips and practices of its usage for business purposes. Therefore, the Instagram for Business Blog is the very first avenue to explore when you want to promote your business on Instagram.

Instagram Traffic On the Go Part 1