Learn how to create your Tumblr account and manage it properly for the best traffic generation results.

Discover how to optimize your Tumblr account with the tags that will bring lots of visitors.

Billions of people worldwide use Tumblr, and businesses can get the benefits of promoting their brand via this relatively new social media venue. Companies can tell their story without having to make long drawn out posts, but they can do it in ways not possible on regular blogs, Twitter or even Facebook.

In fact, Tumblr was designed to meet the gap that was seen between short tweets on Twitter and typical posts on blogs like WordPress. WordPress makes users post an actual full article, and Twitter only allows 140 characters of information. However, Tumblr works with seven kinds of posting functions: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video, so it’s far more versatile and useful.

Tumblr is seriously committed to helping businesses skyrocket their online presence. That’s why Tumblr is a fantastic platform with which you can scale your business to a whole new level of success and reach all of your business plans.

One of the specific things about Tumblr is that of all sorts of media, memes are especially popular.

Memes aren’t very hard to create, so if you can’t find cool ready-made ones, take the time to create a couple of memes yourself, post them, and see if they get the response you are hoping for.

If they do, invest more time and effort (or even consider hiring somebody else) to create more memes.

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