Discover the best way to optimize your Tumblr profile to get much more exposure.

If you don’t already know that social media does take time daily, now you will learn it. The key to getting and keeping an active and loyal following on Tumblr is to be active and loyal yourself.

Tumblr is easy to use, and posts can be done from mobile phones, email or by using one of several applications such as the iPhone app, as well as from a traditional PC or laptop or tablet. You can also post automatically from other sites such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

Plus, it allows the customization of your mini-blog, such as colors, themes, etc., so you can show your brand’s style in your own unique way.

So, join in the Tumblr experience and help your company experience a new level of success!

It’s better to post a link a day than post 10 links at once after you have been gone for 10 days because in the first case your followers will have the habit of checking the daily stuff from you, while in the second case they will never know when you will post and might miss your multiple posts.

Another trick to becoming popular on Tumblr is to interact with other users. Follow them, comment on their posts, reblog their stuff – this all helps to become a Tumblr star whose posts are read by many users.

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