Learn the right way to setup your Pinterest account and start generating traffic.

Discover the proper way to use keywords and tags to attract the prospects that are most likely to turn into paying customers.

The Pinterest search function relies on keywords and tags, so it’s vitally important that you name your Pinterest boards properly.

You don’t have to maintain a Pinterest account under your actual name. In fact, it would be wise to create boards under a pen name that is relevant to your niche.

As you begin to pin your own website information and other relevant resources, people will follow you. Then each time you pin something new, it is broadcast to everyone you follow on their homepage when they login to Pinterest.

Your pin will also be visible in the “Everything” section under the category of the board you pin it to. Everyone can see these pins, so even those who don’t follow you will be able to spot them here. The only catch is that you will only get a few seconds of exposure before new pins will appear and push yours out of view.

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