In addition to optimizing your webpages for the search engines, there are also additional steps you can take off-site to further gain free search engine traffic.

The search engines are influenced by the quantity and quality of other websites displaying links back to your webpage.

RSS feeds are yet another superior method. Not just for gaining content but keeping it fresh and updated as well.

Depending on what feed or feeds you happen to choose, the content can be as simple as a list of topic-related links or as complete as a full-scale, full-page article. And of course, there’s everything in between.

The most common choice for RSS feeds are the ones that display a list of topic-related URL’s with a brief description beneath each one. The reason this type of feed is most popular is the fact that the brief description allows more potential for targeting specific keywords.

For example, if the topic of your website is golf and you want one of your pages to be optimized for the keyword “golf swing”, you would want any and all content to include that particular search phrase.

It’s no different than optimizing any other content on your website. You have a specific keyword and you need that phrase to be included in such a way that it will carry significant weight with the search engine crawlers.

If you can’t accomplish that, you’re merely shooting in the dark, hoping to gain targeted viewer traffic without actually targeting it.

The goal is to add content that is geared toward specific keywords. And RSS feeds are no different than any other content. If it doesn’t include the keywords, you’ll merely get search engine credit for having generic topic-related content.

Of course, what you really want – and need – is to gain rank and listing benefit from whatever content is added. That’s the whole purpose… to gain enough search engine recognition which in turn gains you targeted viewer traffic.

That being the case, the ultimate software program would be one that could automatically place RSS feeds on your pages while at the same time do it based on specific keywords.

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