Discover an easy, permissible way to get around InstaGram’s rule about posting links to your offers.

Learn which tags appeal the most to different groups of people. Are you targeting teens, singles, or what?

Using the right tags enables targeting the right group of prospects.

Videos clips complement the image and photo postings on Instagram. Therefore, it is advocated that savvy promoters should make consideration in uploading video clips that are sizable enough for the followers to peek through and generate fun.

Notably, the video support capability by Instagram has, in many ways, offered an alternative to and, in fact, become a direct competitor to twitter’s Vine. The most notable competitive edge that Video on Instagram has over Vine is the 15-second editable video and filter-enabled functionality. This is in comparison to the 6.5 seconds of twitter’s Vine.

The fact that Instagram is doing well with video attachments is a direct implication that the use of videos can go a long way in helping users cultivate the much desired following needed to grow Instagram business promotion. Therefore, you should never hesitate to make use of video attachments on your Instagram.

Attach Instagram Videos on Your Websites or Blogs

For a long time, this functionality was unavailable to Instagram users. Due to high demand, however, Instagram recently came up with a desktop browser version that included a new embed feature. With this new feature, Instagram users can now attach their short videos to their websites and blogs.

The secret behind this provision is to increase the number of viewers of your posts. You can never be sure of the number of people who will view your postings on social media platforms. It is for this reason that embedding your Instagram short videos will increase the chances of more audiences to your content.

By attaching your Instagram videos to your website or blog, you are not only marketing your business to your blog or website community but also informing them of your presence on Instagram. As a consequence, to this, you are highly likely to increase your following on Instagram thereby standing a chance of meeting your marketing objectives on the platform.

Suffice it to say, it is imperative to take advantage of the newly launched Instagram embed feature that allows you to share your Instagram videos with your blog and website audience as a strategy of promoting your business on Instagram.

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