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A key preamble to promoting a business online via Instagram is ensuring you have a sizable number of followers. The more followers you have on your Instagram the better your chances of succeeding in your promotional activities on social media. Thus, having an enormous following is one of the most significant tickets to succeeding in Instagram marketing of a business. It should be noted that there are a number of proven tactics of cultivating the desired following on Instagram.

One of the widely used methods of cultivating the desired following on Instagram is connecting an Instagram account with a Facebook account. It should be noted that Instagram has a provision of connecting to a Facebook account. With this tool, you are able to synchronize your Instagram and Facebook accounts. When this is done, all your postings on Instagram will be shared on your Facebook account and hence appear on your Facebook timeline.

By the way, Facebook and Instagram are associated entities with the same ownership and the possession of the two somehow leverages a business and individual’s online presence. This is an implication that your Facebook friends will be able to view, like, and share your Instagram images and short videos. Therefore, when your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account, you stand a chance of doubling your audience thereby enabling your promotional information on Instagram to reach far and wide.

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