Learn how to properly navigate InstaGram and use InstaGram Insights to get the best InstaGram experience.

Discover how to effectively use ‘InstaGram Stories’ to increase the popularity of your InstaGram posts.

Get an ‘insider’s view’ of the demographics of your followers to include gender, age and even location.

See when most of your followers login everyday so you can make new posts at the most opportune time.

The use of relevant popular hash tags is also another useful strategy of cultivating the desired following on your Instagram. Social media enthusiasts have a trend of identifying themselves with popular or trending hash tags. On most occasions, trending hash tags are used to disseminate current and highly persuasive information of any kind. You can therefore take advantage of the enormous traffic attracted by these hash tags to effectuate your promotional goals on Instagram. If this is done correctly, your promotional information on Instagram will reach a wide audience thereby assisting in meeting your marketing objectives.

Building a strong business through Instagram can also be achieved by engaging other famous Instagram personnel and liking their images and short videos. It is important to note that Instagram users will feel free to like your content if you like theirs as well. You can take advantage of this trend and like images and short videos posted by other Instagram users with the intention of luring them to like yours as well. This has worked for many and will definitely work for you if done correctly.

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