How To Get Free Traffic For Your Website

One of the really big topics when working to make money on the Internet is how to get free traffic for your website. Why should you pay for traffic when there are perfectly good free methods? And you can get free website traffic, but you gotta be smart to do it well.

Let us examine one way you can begin to build free web traffic. We are only starting to build free traffic because these methods work well over the long term, but do not provide instant traffic. The objective of all free methods is to generate long lasting incoming links to your website. When you have lots of links around the Internet then either people find them and click to get to you or the search engines find them and so raise your site up the listings because of its popularity.

There are lots of actions you can take on the web page to improve its optimization for search, but that is another story.

A great way is to build links from websites that are top rated for your niche where comments are allowed; you post your own comments and then build links back to your website from them. This is an important way for you to generate free web traffic. Let’s say your site is about puppy training and here’s how you can do it.

Using a search engine search for the following…

"puppy training" blog comment

The search engine will give you a list of blogs with comments for your search term. Spot on! In many of these blogs the comments will be open for additions. Check them all and spot the ones that are on message for your niche. It’s especially good if you can find ones where the comments are active as the search engines are more likely to be checking them regularly.

Now add a relevant comment. Note that important word, ‘relevant’. You are a professional and not a scammer. If you want your posts to remain then you have to convince the site owner that it is of value. If you offer only empty, generic, comments with site links embedded then it is to be expected that the comment would bet deleted and you, as the comment author, will eb permanently banned from the site.

Begin with comments that do not have links but are designed to show that you are knowledgeable and interested in the topics – it builds confidence with the site owner. The site owner will be relaxed and should not be troubled if you occasionally add a link to your own site in a comment. Yes it’s a bit of a pain doing it his way, but you are getting quality relevant links. These sites are top of the list for a reason, many of them are Page Rang 3 or better and so links from them carry a lot of weight – it is worth the trouble.

Now here’s the bit you should not miss. On some sites you can (or must) register to post comments. When you first register make sure you do not use an email address that contains your site’s URL – and do not add your website address either. Once you have a comment or two that have your links in and have survived then edit your profile to add the web address. On most blogs your comment author’s name will then carry a link to your website from every comment you have made – that’s a result!

From here all you do is rinse, repeat and revisit the ones where you have commented before adding more each time. Make sure your frequency of comment is natural and reserved, do not overdo it. Each link out will be counted by Google but you do not want to hack off the site owner so they all disappear in an instant.

To build this free traffic plan to spend some time every day doing your research and adding useful comments. Your reward will be an increasing number of free links to your website as others will pick up your comments, if they are valuable, and point their friends in your direction. This type of marketing, where others pass on your message, is called viral marketing.

To Your Success!

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