Is The MLM Business Blueprint A Legit Program?

Is The MLM Business Blueprint A Legit Program Or Is It A Scam?

You’re asking a legitimate question if you’re new to the MLM industry. Many people who are not quite familiar with this business model are cautious about getting involved in it.

You’ve probably heard a lot of negative comments about the MLM industry. You probably heard that it’s a scam or a pyramid or scheme that ends up taking your money and running with it. I’m also willing to bet that you heard these two comments from people who are not currently involved in the industry.

Let’s take a step back and attempt to look at this in a way that is as objective as possible. The people who have told you not to get involved with the MLM industry most likely either heard that from someone else, read it somewhere on the internet or was involved in it with no success.

Here are two common statements you hear about the MLM business blueprint

Let’s address the pyramid/scheme accusations. True, there have been scams in the past and that has unfortunately tainted the name of MLM. A lot of people have been hurt due to these felons and it makes people ever so cautious. To blame the whole industry for mishaps like this would be ignorant. There have been doctors that have made mistakes yet people continue to get check ups. There have been corrupt politicians yet our government structure still exists. Besides, how can an industry like MLM exist for decades if it was illegal?

The second question is if this model really works. Some people say no, others say yes; it just depends which side of business you’re coming from. The people that say no tend to be people who are working a corporate job. They may have tried it in the past with no success so they decided to let it go and return to their regular day job. The people that say yes are the ones who can’t stand to return to their day job and work this business model until they succeed. Your perspective on which side you want to be on will determine if the MLM business model works.

What’s your stand on the MLM business blueprint?

It’s can be tough at times to try to battle friends and family who just don’t get it. They don’t think like you and I do…but you still gotta love them. MLM isn’t a business model that fits everyone in this world and it takes a lot of patience and passion to stay in long enough to succeed. If people are putting you down for being in this awesome industry…well I guess you know who your REAL friends are. Your true friends will respect what you’re doing EVEN if they don’t agree with it.

Remember, you are in a respectable industry with respectable ambition. Believe in what you’re doing and you’ll find your network marketing success in the end.

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