Is Zurvita a Scam? The Truth Behind Zurvita

Here’s the burning question: Is Zurvita a scam? With so many home based business opportunities on the internet today how do you find “the real deal?” Maybe you’ve tried ACN, Pre-Paid Legal, Herbalife or one of the hundreds of other prominent work from home companies. Regardless of your past experience, or inexperience, now you’re looking at Zurvita. So… Is it just another scam?

Zurvita is a Latin term meaning “the risen life.” I didn’t really understand the name choice at first. Further research indicated the company was founded on strong Christian beliefs, hence the name. At first glance that idea may seem comforting. Isn’t it really just one part of the Zurvita scam?

So what exactly does Zurvita do? The company offers a rather broad spectrum of products and services designed to help save consumers money. Now you and I both know there are many things “designed” to help us, but do they really? I purchased two of their offerings and decided to put them to the test. One month later, I was able to save nearly $200. I was impressed with Zurvita’s products, but questions still lingered.

Plenty of home based businesses have “valuable” products. Even with their great products, you can’t help but feel like you’re being scammed. Why is that? Generally speaking, it’s because you look at the amount of work you’re putting into your new venture, and the amount of you’re return. Typically these are directly disproportionate. Most home based business opportunities take years to build. The average person simply can’t just sit around and wait for promises of lifelong residual income. Does Zurvita’s compensation plan deliver on time? In my opinion, yes it does.

As you sit and read, you may still find yourself asking the same question over and over. “Is Zurvita a scam?” I’ve personally done the research. I’ve personally become a Zurvita Marketing Rep. I’ve personally experienced the benefits of their products. I can personally say, “No, Zurvita is no scam.”

I have never been more impressed with a home based business than I am with Zurvita. This company is truly remarkable. If you’re looking for a home based business, this is one company that you can count on.

I know how hard it can be to decipher all the information that’s out there. With so many self-proclaimed internet marketing guru’s and scam busters, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. I offer you only fact. Fact based on personal experience, nuts and bolts if you will. No fluff, no pie in the sky, just truth. The truth is, Zurvita is no scam.

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