John Delavera Reveals the Secret to Making a Great Income Online and Building an Internet Business

Over the last eight years John Delavera has created a vast and high successful Internet marketing empire. In fact, he recently announced his retirement and he also shared the secret to his success and to making a great income online.

And it’s not what you may be thinking.

You may have heard time and time again that the “money is in the list”. There are countless daily teleseminars and webinars on list-building. When Frank Kern recently surveyed the members of his databases he asked if whether individuals wanted:

a) Basic Beginner Training,

b) List-Building Training,

c) More Mass Con troll and “HUGE LAUNCH” Training, or

d) “Mindset” and Motivational Training.

Individuals overwhelmingly opted for “List-Building Training”. Frank Kern then took this information and created List Control which generated millions of dollars in revenue – all in the matter of a few weeks.

Yet, John Delavera insists that list-building is not the secret to a successful Internet business.

So if it’s not list-building, perhaps the answer is traffic. You repeatedly hear individuals asking for advice on how to get more traffic to their websites.

No, says John Delavera. You can get traffic in a multitude of ways through the use of article marketing, Social Media, video marketing, joint ventures and more. Plus you can also pay for traffic using Pay Per Click (PPC), banner advertising and the like.

So getting traffic, he says, is easy. Maintaining and increasing your flow of traffic and converting that traffic into buyers and potential buyers ins another matter. This depends on what you have to offer, i.e. your products and your content. And this is what John Delavera believes is the key to Internet marketing success – high quality content and products.

When you can successfully pull together these elements:

~ High Volume Targeted Traffic,

~ Effective List-building,

~ High Quality Content, and

~ High Quality Products,

You’ll be able to achieve a great rather than mediocre level of income.

If you think about it you need to have great content if you want to rank high in the search engines. And great content is key to being able to benefit from viral marketing.

And you need to have great products if you want to have highly satisfied customers who purchase from you repeatedly because you want to grow your list of clients as opposed to struggling to maintain your list.

So it’s possible you can earn a great income online even without your own products, i.e. as an affiliate. And there are many famous Internet marketers who started out selling other people’s products. For instance, Matt Bacak made his first million dollars online as an affiliate.

However, another step up from this is when you start selling your own products. As an affiliate you earn a commission, i.e. a percentage of the sale. Super affiliates can often negotiate higher percentages but if you own the product you’re selling then you receive 100% of the revenue and so potentially multiple your income several times. Plus you can recruit affiliates to sell your products and further increase your income.

The challenge is that many marketers find product creation a chore and even a bore but one way around this is to use PLR (Private Label Rights) products. With quality PLR products the hard work is done for you. Naturally you need to customise the product the products so that you can differentiate them from other products that are available but this is a relatively easy and straightforward thing to do and far easier than starting from scratch.

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