Kiiera VIV – Scam Or Legitimate MLM Opportunity?

The Company

Kiiera is the synthesis of two words: Ki (or qi) meaning the ancient term for “energy.” “Era,” meaning a significant period of change or opportunity. The Company was founded in 2008. Kiiera is another company that market’s a super-juice in the ongoing “Juice Wars” that now run through Network Marketing channels

The Products

VIV is Kiiera’s flagship product. VIV is an all-natural, energizing infusion packed with a synergistic blend of natural herbs, that is caffeine-free. It also contains Schizandra, this ingredient is supposed too restores and replenishes power sources. It is also free of artificial preservatives and stabilizer that are all over the marketplace of fitness foods.

The Compensatation Plan

Kiiera has a Bi-Linear GenMatch Plan witch is basically a binary compesation plan that allot of network marketer prefer just because of the fact that you might get spill over.

The Owners

Kiiera is owned by is Peter Spiegel, owner of Sylmark, a $200 million dollar direct response production and marketing company, has been on a quest. A quest to bring a high quality, all natural products to market that could impact the lives of millions. A long time dream has now been realized in the creation of Viv created by Kiiera, a daughter company of Sylmark.


In conclusion, Kiiera is not a scam. It is a legitimate MLM company that offers real products to people and the opportunity to earn an income. There are however, some significant limitations to a company such as Kiiera. The network marketing industry is extremely competitive. While Kiiera does offer legitimate products, they are still the pill, capsules, drinks, and powders that so many network marketers have come to hate. Why? Well, because it is difficult to differentiate your products from other companies such as Herbalife, Pharmanex, Usana, Noni, or any of the other hundreds of herbal supplement MLM firms around the world. What separates one company from the next? Often it is just one paid doctor’s or distributor’s view against another’s.

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