You could operate you own ‘in-house’ affiliate program, but using an outside affiliate network will most likely be a better choice for you.

There are several affiliate networks to choose from and the most popular ones have lots of affiliates standing by, ready, willing and able to bring you new customers.

Additionally, the affiliate networks handle a lot of the details for you, such as processing credit card payments, paying affiliate commissions, etc.

There are major affiliate networks that can connect you to lots of affiliates. Two of the most popular affiliate networks are and You can find more affiliate networks by searching Google.

The advantages of going thru affiliate networks are many. The already have a stable of high performing affiliates ready to sell for your company. The affiliate networks handle all the ‘back office’ tasks for you, such as recruiting affiliates, collecting credit card payments, paying affiliate commissions on your behalf and they’ll send you a payment for all sales the affiliates made for your company.

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