If you’d like to see a significant increase in traffic and sales, affiliates can make it happen for you.

Although you’ll need to pay your affiliates, you shouldn’t consider the payments to be ‘out of pocket’, since payments to affiliates are in the form of sales commissions.

In other words, you only pay your affiliates when they produce paying customers.

You only pay affiliates after they make money for you.

Many affiliates use social networking, video reviews and other traffic generating methods to send you new prospects. The affiliates do all the marketing work and pay any expenses involved.

They’ll work hard to drum up new business for you and you only pay them a commission when they send you prospects that actually buy your product or service. If an affiliate doesn’t produce sales, you pay nothing!

Many affiliates have huge mailing lists, so if they agree to be an affiliate for your business, you can see a huge flood of traffic to your offers.

You can choose to makes all your own sales, OR you can have an army of affiliates out there sending you more business than you ever thought possible.

3 Aspects of Affiliating for Traffic