In this video, you’ll discover the best way to setup your account at popular affiliate networks.

Select from the various options available to choose the best ones for your business.

Want to build a mailing list of everyone who buys your product. Affiliate networks offer the option to do this automatically for you.

When you register an account at the affiliate networks, you’ll want to put as much information in your profile as reasonable, since potential affiliates may not be familiar with your product or your company. If they don’t already know about you, your profile should enable them to understand all about your product offering.

Keep in mind that affiliates may put in a lot of time and effort promoting your product, maybe even using paid advertising (at their own expense), so you’ll want to present them with enough info so they can decide if connecting with your company is the right thing to do.

If potential affiliates get a ‘good vibe’ about you, your product and your company, it’s much more likely you’ll attract the top performing affiliates.

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