Learn to build a visual portfolio of ads for maximizing your advertising results.

Don’t under estimate the value of images. The success of your ads are 80 to 90% dependent on the visual appeal of your ads.

You’ll discover how to set your image size to look good on all devices, since Facebook users could be seeing your ads on a desktop computer, tablet of smartphone.

As important as your headline happens to be, the graphic you choose can be even more important. If you don’t have an image to go with your Facebook ad, you can still see results. Images, however, increase your chances of capturing viewer attention. If the picture is perfect (or close to it), the image just might help you gain clicks and conversions.

So, how can you be sure you select an image that really captures attention and gets people to pay attention and even click on your ad?

Follow these fairly simple rules for selecting an image that can get you noticed –

Use professional images of your products

If you are selling a product, get a professional image made that casts it in a positive light. If you can’t afford a true photographer, take a picture yourself using a digital camera.

Select a relevant ‘mug shot’

If your ad relates to a person or something that could be readily identified with a portrait, make sure the shot is relevant, clear and uncluttered. Pictures of people go over very well on Facebook because of the site’s overall social focus.

Go with clear pictures

Facebook doesn’t allot a ton of space for advertising images, so do be sure your image is crystal clear.

Opt for plenty of color

The more colorful your ad image happens to be, the more likely it is to draw viewer’s eyes. This can help you gain interest and conversions.

Keep it free of clutter

Let’s say you’re selling a child’s toy. Using a photo of a single child playing with a toy is a good idea. Opting for a tiny photo with ten kids all playing with toys will make the image hard to focus on and it can cause your message to lose its meaning.

Remember the image is a sales tool!

Select pictures that really send your message home. If you’re promoting a political candidate, a head shot with a flag in the background might go over very well. A picture of that candidate five minutes after waking in the morning might not. Use your images to sell and select them with this in mind.

Keep Facebook rules in mind

Just like landing pages and ad copy, images have to meet Facebook’s requirements. Be sure they do by ensuring they are relevant to the ad in question and are not offensive or racy.

Go for clarity

Ideally, the photo you choose will be very crisp and clear. Reject any images that are blurry or too cluttered.

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