Facebook gives you the ability to show your ads to a targeted audience so you can get the biggest bang for your advertising spend.

By only showing your ad to a targeted audience, you won’t be wasting your budget by showing your ad to viewers who aren’t interested in your offer.

This lesson will also show you how re-targeted works so you can optimize the performance and results of your campaigns.

Facebook is one of the largest social networking sites out there right now, and it just keeps growing. It started out as a site primarily for college students and has grown into a world-wide phenomenon.

Unlike some social sites, Facebook actually embraces the idea that people can use their site to build their businesses. The founder and developers are devoted to providing a positive user experience for everyone on the site, business owners included.

But, there’s an art to using this site in that way. If you don’t embrace the way social networking is, your efforts to build a business using Facebook will be in vain.

Learn how to use Facebook to build your business. This includes building a customer base, testing out a product, and using the site’s features to help your business grow.

Right now, pretty much everyone can go on Facebook, as long as they are the right age.

The original demographic was college students because those were the only people who were allowed on the site. Then, membership to the site was expanded to high school students and trickled into other countries as well, such as Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Now, all kinds of people take advantage of the site because membership is open to everyone, all over the world.

In fact, millions of accounts are created each month. The Facebook website states that the amount of users they have doubles about every six months.

A large user base makes Facebook ideal for networking and building a business because it means that there might be a lot of people out there interested in what you’re offering. You just need to learn how to attract them to you and get them to participate in the community.

Getting people to engage with your ad is probably one of the best ways to minimize your ad costs. However, this is easier said than done. We all would want to get the highest possible conversion rates and have everyone we target to look at our ad. But obviously, this doesn’t happen in real life.

People go on Facebook to socialize with their family and friends. They don’t go on Facebook to look at adverts!

To get people to pay attention to your ad, you have to get creative and think outside the box.

Ask yourself if you were your target audience, would you stop scrolling your news feed to look at your advert? Be objective and don’t let your bias come into play.

If you answered, yes, then your ad may be good enough. If you answered no, then you’d have to go back to the drawing board and start again.

Alternatively, if you work alone, you can ask somebody else’s opinion on what might work. If you work in a team environment, then that’s better because two or more heads are better than one, so to speak.

Brainstorm on ways you can possibly catch your audience’s attention. Write everything down and plan how your ideas are going to translate to Facebook ads.

It’s important you do this because when more people engage with your ads, it sends a message to Facebook that people are finding your ad to be valuable, and will thus reward you with lower ad costs.

With Facebook’s hyper-targeting options and advanced remarketing tools, there’s just simply no better audience to target with your adverts than custom audiences and lookalike audiences (from your winning audiences).

Custom audiences are so important and so essential to minimizing Facebook ad costs because these are people who already know your brand or your business. You’re not targeting cold audiences who probably know absolutely nothing about you which means they don’t trust you and may not be willing to do any business with you.

Custom audiences, on the other hand, have interacted with your business either online or offline. There’s a level of familiarity that exists between you and this audience, so it’s much easier to sell to them and get them to convert.

This is important because when people know your brand, they would be more likely to engage with your ad. This, in turn, results in lower ad costs for your business.

If you have a website, install the Facebook pixel on it right away. If your business is offline, you can still collect your customers’ data and upload it to Facebook to create a custom audience.

The important thing to think about with custom audiences is you have to figure out how to get them to engage with your business again. Maybe an ad re-introducing your brand to them would help to put them at ease so try that tactic as well.

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