In this video, you’ll discover the important tips for maximizing the performance of your affiliate network account.

You’ll be providing potential affiliates with the info and motivation they need to jump on-board and start promoting your business.

When thinking about using affiliates, keep in mind that you only pay a commission for actual sales, so there are no up-front sales expenses for you.

Also, consider that the affiliates are responsible for generating traffic and the expenses involved, so using affiliates can be a very smart move for you.

How would you like to have a whole sales force selling your product or service for you?

You can have such a sales force quickly by recruiting affiliates from one of the major affiliate networks, like or

The beauty of having affiliates is that the affiliates are ‘commission only’ sales agents for your company. You pay a commission to your affiliates only when they produce actual sales for you.

Affiliates can bring you sales you would otherwise never get. Affiliates will do their own marketing, at their own expense. Some affiliates, primarily the more successful ones, will even use paid advertising to drive sales, paying the advertising fees themselves.

How to Get Affiliates