This is where you’ll learn the mechanics of Google AdWords.

You’ll see how to create a Google AdWords account and kick start your advertising campaign.

You’ll also learn how to develop your bid strategy and daily ad budget.

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising using AdWords is perhaps the most popular form of advertising among small businesses. This is partly because of Google’s reputation and partly because it allows the small business owner to control costs.

There are various ways Google AdWords can help you as a small business owner, but it takes some basic instruction to get started and tap ultimately tap into its full potential as an advertising tool.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising service that allows businesses to have their ads run on Google’s search results page. The ads look almost identical to the normal search results, with the only difference being the small word ‘Ad’ in green. Google ads will show at the top and bottom of a search results page.

How Advertising on Google Works

When a consumer searches for a term or phrase, Google will show the consumer relevant ads based on the keywords used in the search. Websites that want their ads to show on the results page bid on keywords that they believe people will use when looking for their type of business.

For example, a plumber located in Atlanta might bid on the keywords ‘plumbing Atlanta’, ‘plumber’ or ‘broken toilet’.

Depending on how much you bid compared to other plumbers in the area, your ad may show up on the results page when people search for the terms you bid on. In addition to how much you bid, Google also takes into account the relevance and quality of your ad and website.

So even if you have the highest bid, the ad for your plumbing company will never show when someone searches ‘flower store’.

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