This video will teach you about bidding for ad placement so you’ll have a good understanding of bids and quality scores.

Learn how to set your ad budget so you get the traffic you want while staying within your budget limits.

How Much Does Advertising on Google Cost?
In pay per click advertising, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. The cost per click of an ad depends on how much you bid on certain keywords. The cost ranges greatly depending on if you are in a market where a lot of other businesses are willing to pay a high price to rank on a certain keyword.

For example, if you are a realtor in a small town you might be able to bid less than $1 per click on a keyword and still have your ad show in this section. However, if you own a medical malpractice law firm in a big city, the cost per click will be much more expensive.

You can use Google’s keyword planner to see how much the suggested bids are for your ad to show up when someone searches for specific key terms. However, instead of focusing on the cost of advertising, you will want to think about how much you stand to earn from advertising on Google, and whether this will yield a substantial profit for your business.

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