In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create your banner and manage your first offer.

You’ll also find out how to manage your budget to get the biggest return on your investment.

Earning Related – these can be hugely improved –

  • eCPC: how much you make each time your banner is clicked on
  • eCPM: how much you make for every 1000 impressions your banner receives.

For example, if one of your banners received 30,000 impressions, and generated $10 revenue, then the eCPM of this banner is $0.33.

For our purposes, the 3 most important metrics are –

  • CTR (banner + landing page)
  • CPM (banner only)
  • eCPM (This is THE most important number to watch out for at all times.)

In most cases, banners with the highest CTR also have the highest eCPM.

If for some reasons you have a banner with higher CTR but lower eCPM consistently, mostly likely there must be some kind of disconnection between your banner and your landing page. You’ll need to figure out why and incorporate the ‘winning elements’ of the high CTR banner into your higher eCPM banners.

Your ultimate goal is to make sure your banners’ eCPMs (what you make per 1000 impressoins) are sufficiently higher than your CPMs (what you pay for each 1000 impressions), that’s when you start to make pure profits.

For example, say you are paying $0.18 CPM for a media buy, and your banners’ average eCPM is $0.33, then your profit would be $0.15 per thousand impressions, that’s a positive ROI of 83%.

Media Buys for More Traffic and Sales